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Love Yourself

Treatment by Medicine

Hair loss is a very common problem leading to social embarrassment & loss of confidence.It is equal disheartening for males & females to loose hair especially at an early age.

Sometimes hair fall creates a situation of panic & patient starts looking for some quick solution to prevent hair loss.Most of the times they are unproven ,lucrative & ineffective treatments. Hair loss is a medical condition which needs to be diagnosed properly so a correct cause should be found out after examination & testing.This can provide the patient with the best hair loss treatment modality.

Treatment by medicine provides the following benefits to the patients:

  1. Hair fall control
  2. Hair regrowth
  3. Improvement in the texture of the hair
  4. Hair strengthening
  5. Lengthening of hair

The medicines which are prescribed by the doctor are:

  1. Safe
  2. Result oriented
  3. Easy to use
  4. Pocket friendly

The medicines should be taken regularly as prescribed by the doctor to get the desired results.

PRP is also a very good treatment modality in controlling hair fall and hair regrowth.

1- 2 sessions of PRP for hair fall control and hair regrowth is quite beneficial.

There are several causes of hair fall and it varies from person to person. So a specific cause has to be found out which can be treated simultaneously.
Patients should consult a qualified Dermatologist for this rather than going to salons and so called hair experts.

At Satya hair clinic experienced Dermatologists examine & diagnose the patients problem and then according to the condition of the patients,apt medicines & treatments are suggested which gives fruitful results to the patients.

In early phases of hair loss & many other conditions leading to hair loss,Medical treatment alone is sufficient for the cure of hair loss.In such patients procedural treatments or hair transplant is never suggested by our experts.

We understand the anxiety related with hair loss very well.At Satya hair clinic,our doctors treats every single patient with utmost care,compassion & love.