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Eyebrow/Mustache/Beard Hair Reconstruction

Eyebrow Reconstruction

Dark,black & heavy eyebrows is considered as mark of beauty in males & females.There are certain disorders where Eyebrows are thin or absent either since birth or it amy be congenital. Such patients have to be dependent upon eyebrow pencil or tattoo to camouflage the area.But the best camouflage is hair only.

Eyebrow hair Transplant/Eyebrow reconstruction can solve this problem permanently. But Eyebrow hair Transplant has to be very natural looking & donor hair should be selected very carefully for this.

Following points should be taken care off while doing a Eyebrow hair Transplant:

  1. Angle of placements of the grafts
  2. Choice of the donor site
  3. Nature of the graft(Single,double or multiple)

In all, Eyebrow hair Transplant is a very artistic work,which if done properly will definitely add on to the beauty of the patient but an improper Eyebrow hair Transplant will look ugly.

Beard & Mustache Reconstruction

Beard & Mustache are one of the important part of the face in males.According to the trending fashion ,males are more inclined towards keeping thick and heavy mustache & beard nowadays. So patients who have thin/light/no hair growth generally search for doctors who perform Beard hair reconstruction.

Some patients do not get enough beard hair even in the 20’s.In that case through testing & examination is required. In some cases,only medicinal treatment can be given as a help but in the remaining ,Beard hair transplant or Beard hair reconstruction is the choice of treatment.So Beard hair transplant is a boon to the patients who have lost small areas of beard or mustache due to some trauma,burn,scar or some long standing cases of Alopecia Areata.

The hair from the back side of the scalp(Donor area) are extracted generally By FUE and then these hair can be implanted very carefully in the recipient area.

At Satya hair clinic absolutely natural,artistic and aesthetic hair transplants are performed in both males & females.Every minute detailing is done during the procedure to deliver world class results to the patients.

Now a days, thick beard and thick moustache is very common among males and thick & curvy eyebrows has become a dream of every girl. Since the density at the eyebrows, beard and moustache area is not enough, patients look for a hair restoration in these area.

Moustache Reconstruction:

  1. Is done in male patients having scar or burn mark
  2. Is done in patients with thin hair growth in the moustache
  3. In patients having a patch of no hair growth(Like in alopecia areata )

Eyebrow reconstruction is done in:

  1. Patients with scanty hair growth
  2. Patients with a scar or cut mark.

Beard hair reconstruction is a cosmetic surgery chosen by young and middle age people to have a thick and dense hair growth like Virat Kohli. Beard hair reconstruction is a very successful surgery, and the patient can trim or cut these hair like his existing hair.

Patient suffering from long standing Alopecia areata in beard area can also opt for this beard hair reconstruction. This procedure gives an even growth to the patients in the beard and moustache area. At Satya skin laser & hair transplant clinic, you get all the treatments under one roof.