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Love Yourself

Combination Techniques

At Satya hair clinic you are assured of the maximum yield by combining FUT,FUE & Body hair.Patients with higher grades of baldness ,thin & exhausted donor area and in female patients with limited donor supply,combination of Natural hair Transplant plus Synthetic hair Implant can be done.

These Combination techniques require a lot of expertise,technical knowledge & artistic skills.So only it is not surprising that there are very very few clinics offering these kind of Quality services to its patients.That is the reason why Satya stands out in the crowd of FUE alone clinics.A bald person would like to have maximum number of hair back on his head and this is possible only if the combination techniques are done wisely.

Patients who have undergone hair transplant before at some other clinic & who are not happy with their hair transplant results.In such patients with exhausted donor hair supply,combination techniques are like a boon.

Unfortunately these patients were deprived of utilization of their donor to the maximum because of the misleading presentation of the facts.So, while choosing a hair transplant clinic pay attention to the spectrum of treatment which the clinic is offering. It will be useful in a long run.Combination of the following are done at Satya hair Clinic:
FUT + FUE + Body hair
FUT/FUE + Synthetic hair implant
FUT/FUE + Scalp micropigmentation
Synthetic hair implant + Scalp micro-pigmentation
FUT/FUE + PRP + Laser hair regrowth