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Biofibre synthetic hair implant

Permanent cure for Baldness is – Hair transplant. Sometimes the donor area is limited and doesn’t allow us to cover the baldness completely.

The compatibility of Biofibre hair implant with the human body is very high so excellent results are achieved with the synthetic biofibre hair implant.

Biofibre hair implant in India is a very useful tool in such cases either alone or in combination with natural hair transplant.

Biofibre synthetic hair implant is manufactured by Medicap Italy and is a certified CE 0373 and TGA

Biofibre synthetic hair implant effectively treats

  • Generalized reduced hair density
  • Early & late stages of Androgenic alopecia
  • Scarring alopecia like Pseudopalade
  • Female & male pattern Baldness
  • Long standing cases of Alopecia Areata

Advantages of Bio Fibre hair implant

Hair follicles are not harvested from the donor scalp so no surgical incisions are made.

  • It is one of the most safest,non invasive and instantly result oriented procedure.
  • Natural and aesthetic results are delivered to the patient in just a few hours .
  • Biofibre hair implant is done so naturally at Satya skin & hair clinic that it is difficult to mark the difference between artificial biofibre hair & natural hair .
  • Artificial Biofibre hair implants do not fall as they are very biocompatible with the human body.The fall rate is not very high since they are easily accepted by the human body.

Features of the Biofibre hair implant

  • The biofibre synthetic hair implant is ISO 9002 and EN 46,002 Compliant.It also has a European Directive 93/42/EEC
  • Biofibre hair implant is available in a variety of standard sizes such as – 15cms, 30cms, 45cms
  • Types – 3 categories of  curls and waves and waves and 1 straight
  • Biofibre hair implant is Color resistant and it does not change
  • Biofibre hair implant comes in 13 standard colors .

Biofibre synthetic hair Pre- testing

100 to 500 hair biofibre hair implant pre testing should be done in a patient who is willing to get biofibre hair implant in delhi.A pre-implant test of biofibre hair implant is done in which 100-500 Biofibre implants are placed at least 4 to 6 weeks before the major session to rule out any foriengn body reaction.

Experience the Instant, fastest and most precise synthetic hair implant at Satya hair clinic in delhi.

Satya hair clinic has a record 18,500 biofibre hair implant done in a single patient in just 2 sittings. 

Biofibre hair transplant cost in India

The cost of biofibre hair transplant in India is variable. The main thing that should be taken care of, is that the correct number of synthetic hair implants should be done by the surgeon as promised.At Satya hair clinic we have seen many patients who do not take adequate information and just get something on their scalp. The right amount of synthetic hair implants were also not done.This happens when the patient tries to take a low cost treatment with hidden facts. With Synthetic hair implants, correct information regarding the longevity, care and post op cleaning is very important.

comparison of biofibre hair transplant cost in India without comparing the quality of work can lead to wasting of patients time and money. Synthetic hair implants can give appropriate results to the patient only when it is done by a trained hair transplant surgeon.This kind of work is a combination of art & science where the surgeon is able to deliver absolutely natural hairline to the patient with the help of synthetic hair implants that nobody can ever make out that these hair are artificial.

Dr. Shaiil Gupta is an expert hair transplant surgeon who has a master over synthetic hair implants and patients from India & outside India also especially visit him to take his unmatched services.